2022 Hall of Fame Gala Highlights

2022 Hall of Fame Gala Highlights

TJC celebrated our Annual Hall of Fame Gala at the National Museum of African American Music by honoring visionary leaders who have seen the organization through many years, in particular the past few years of our Building Project, and remain some of the greatest champions of health equity and access in our state.

Hundreds of friends and leaders from all over the state of Tennessee came and tuned in on October 8th, 2022, to support the mission of the Tennessee Justice Center and to celebrate our Honorees, Matt Harris, Ken Leiser, Mika Moser, and John Tishler. These fearless fighters embody a commitment to the same mission that TJC has believed since 1996: that all our neighbors deserve the opportunity to thrive and that our laws, policies, and programs should be protected and improved to reflect these shared beliefs.

Since our founding, TJC has individually represented nearly 15,000 children and adults. We have worked tirelessly with those clients and other allies to advocate for policy reforms that benefit low-income Tennesseans statewide. We have enabled our donors’ investment to generate billions of dollars of benefits for millions of Tennessee families in need.

Thanks to generous event sponsors & donors, we netted over $100,000 to support our life-changing work for justice!

Every year, the Tennessee Justice Center, along with our generous Host Committee, takes the time to recognize the greatest champions of whole communities in our state as members of its Hall of Fame. Thank you to our wonderful sponsors for generously contributing to the honoring of these individuals.

And the gifts are still coming! If you haven’t had the chance to give or fulfill your pledge yet, you can still donate here!

TJC’s Impact

Michele Johnson, Signe Anderson, and Anna Luttrell discuss how TJC works in our community.

Hall of Fame Honorees

“This evening we celebrate four of those answered prayers with over 150 years of combined experience. Matt, Ken, Mika and John transformed a crisis for TJC into an opportunity to improve us and our community. Their work enables us to be well on our way to our forever home in the perfect location. I live three miles away from our new location and in my neighborhood, life expectancy at birth is 84 years old. In Cameron Trimble it’s 68. That means lives are cut short because of policy decisions and leadership failures. They deserve better. The policies that shorten their lives are policies that can and must be changed and that is what we do at TJC. With families and partners, it’s what we have done effectively for 26 years.”

Michele Johnson, TJC Executive director
Matt Harris, Hall of Fame Honoree 2022
Ken Leiser, TJC Hall of Fame Honoree 2022
Mika Moser, Hall of Fame Honoree 2022
John Tishler, Hall of Fame Honoree 2022

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