Every year, the Tennessee Justice Center, along with our generous Host Committee, takes the time to recognize the greatest champions of whole communities in our state as members of its Hall of Fame. These fearless fighters embody a commitment to the same mission that TJC has believed since 1996: that all our neighbors deserve the opportunity to thrive and that our laws, policies, and programs should be protected and improved to reflect these shared beliefs. 

On Saturday, October 8, TJC will celebrate our Annual Hall of Fame Gala at the National Museum of African American Music by honoring visionary leaders who have seen the organization through many years, in particular the past few years of our Building Project, and remain some of the greatest champions of health equity and access in our state. This year’s honorees include Matt Harris, Ken Leiser, Mika Moser, and John Tishler. Join the growing list of sponsors generously contributing to the honoring of these individuals.

Attire: Semi-Formal




John Tishler is known in law and business as the go-to lawyer for negotiating complex financial transactions and creatively resolving intractable conflicts. Led by a deep compassion for others and passion for justice, John has shared that same expertise with TJC with a generosity that is difficult to capture in words. Whether saving the home of TJC’s clients facing foreclosure or serving on our Board of Directors, he has repeatedly turned disaster into triumph. 

Matthew T. Harris

Matthew Harris has been an essential member of the dream team of counsel, advisers and servant leaders who have enabled TJC to acquire, finance and build our forever home. Widely respected as one of Tennessee’s top real estate attorneys, he was just what TJC needed but could never afford. No matter. Matt has freely donated his time and talents to overcome challenges we could not begin to understand, much less resolve.


The Nashville Business Journal described real estate developer and broker Ken Leiser as the most influential guy in the room when the region’s top office deals were being made. He was way out of our league, but when TJC lost its lease and scrambled to find new offices, friends assured us of his generosity and insisted that we seek Ken’s help.  He had just decided to retire, but that did not stop him from using his invaluable connections on TJC’s behalf, or from sharing his invaluable insights.


Mika Moser has played a key role in guiding TJC through an unprecedented period of growth and challenge. During four years on the board, she co-chaired the development committee and shared her astute insights from two decades of management and technical consulting in the financial industry. In 2020, while serving on the board, Mika saw an urgent need and generously stepped forward to fill in as a transitional chief operating officer. During the turmoil of a pandemic, the urgency of a national reckoning on race and TJC’s ambitious project to construct new offices, she made sure that TJC’s internal operations, client services and strategic goals reflected TJC’s values and advanced TJC’s mission.

In 2020, TJC purchased a building on 155 Lafayette Street located in Nashville’s Cameron-Trimble neighborhood. Currently undergoing a major renovation, our new home on Lafayette will enhance TJC’s advocacy while making a positive contribution to the neighborhood. Our permanent home serves as a monument to the stubborn resolve and overwhelming generosity of our community and the leadership of friends strengthening our work and making us more sustainable. Join us in raising a glass to this miraculous triumph which was made possible by the thousands of hours of these four heroes.