October 26th, 2023 | 6:00 PM

City Winery

609 Lafayette St, Nashville, TN 37203


Every year, the Tennessee Justice Center, along with our generous Host Committee, takes time to recognize the greatest champions of whole communities in our state as members of its Hall of Fame. These fearless fighters embody a commitment to the same mission that TJC has believed since 1996: that all our neighbors deserve the opportunity to thrive and that our laws, policies, and programs should be protected and improved to reflect these shared beliefs. Our 2023 honorees included Charles Key, Deborah Farringer, Nate Gilmer, and Monica Mackie. Join the growing list of sponsors generously contributing to the honoring of these individuals.



In 2020, TJC purchased a building on 155 Lafayette Street located in Nashville’s Cameron-Trimble neighborhood. After 27 years, we have moved into a new and permanent space. Our forever home on Lafayette will enhance TJC’s advocacy while making a positive contribution to the neighborhood. It serves as a monument to the stubborn resolve and overwhelming generosity of our community and the leadership of friends strengthening our work and making us more sustainable. Join us in raising a glass to this miraculous triumph which was made possible by the thousands of hours generously invested by four heroes. 

hall of fame gala 2022 highlights

we look forward to seeing you on october 26th, 2023!